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DSOURCE INC. is a Filipino owned IT company. Incorporated in May 2008, we are based in Ortigas Business Center. Since 2008, DSOURCE has been the Sole Distributor of ACTIAN, formerly known as INGRES, in the Philippines.
As such, our people are experts in Ingres Database, Open Road and Vectorwise. In December 2009, we also became a reseller of HP Software Solutions.


We are a Filipino company and proud to be one. As such, we aim to partner with Filipino companies and companies operating in the Philippines in making their business succeed and grow by providing them with:

  • Database Software and Solutions
  • Business Technology Optimization

Core Values

Our objective is to protect and enhance the interests of our different stakeholders by committing ourselves to the following values:

  1. Customers
  2. Our customers are the reason for our existence, therefore:     

    • Customers should always be treated with respect
    • We must be fully responsive to their needs.

    As such, ours is the responsibility to:     
    • Provide quality products and superior services consistent with their requirements and with international standards
    • Regard them justly, politely and with integrity in all our business engagements with them
    • Respond promptly to their immediate concerns and be receptive to their long-term needs and interests
    • Make every effort for them to use our software solutions for the success of their business

  3. Employees
  4. Our employees are our most valued assets and therefore should be treated with dignity and full consideration of their interests.

    Ours is the responsibility to:     

    • Provide them with just and competitive compensation and benefits
    • Provide them with support and trainings that will improve them as a person as well as their skills
    • Provide them with career growth
    • Empower our employees in order for them to help customers, the company and it's partners.
    • Assure fairness, equal treatment and opportunity
    • Provide them with safe working conditions

  5. Partners
  6. Our business partners are important to us, therefore we must ensure that our relationship with them is one of mutual respect and transparency.

    Ours is the responsibility to:     

    • Ensure that all business engagements with them are mutually beneficial
    • Establish strong relationships and foster continuous development to maintain quality, efficiency and ensure that our customers experience service excellence stall times
    • All business engagements should be with fairness, truthfulness, integrity and transparency
    • Search for partners whose business practices respect for human dignity and the environment.

DSource Team


Red D. Cruz

Portia S. Cruz


Chris Q. Delgado
Managing Director

Rowell A. Magno
Managing Supervisor

Manilyn G. Palec
Technical and Support Lead

Teresa P. Policarpio
Sale Representative

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