It is with great enthusiasm that DSource Inc. has partnered with MEC Network Corporation, the leading technology distributor that provides end to end infrastructure solutions in the Philippines. This partnership aims to play a crucial role in advancing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within the Philippines. MEC provides ICT and physical security products, solutions, and services. From banking, academic, healthcare, construction and many more.

    MEC offers complete ICT infrastructure solutions for wide-ranging industries. They also provide Consultancy and Pre-Sales Support, helps client decide which solution is best for them. DSource’s products and services work hand in hand with MEC to provide clients with the rights solutions. With over two decades in the ICT industry, we aim to help the country reach pride in future today, by providing organizations with the right tools that enable them to focus on achieving their goals.

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    In a strategic alliance with VST ECS Phils Inc., DSource Inc. has significantly expanded and fortified its array of solutions, products, and services, catering precisely to the diverse needs of clients in the ICT industry. As a prominent ICT distributor in the Philippines, VST ECS stands out by showcasing renowned industry brands and providing a distinct digital advantage across various requirements. The partnership encompasses comprehensive support, including logistics, marketing, and technical assistance, ensuring a seamless product launch and ongoing support within the dynamic DSource ecosystem.

    VST ECS Phils Inc. has played a pivotal role in empowering a wide spectrum of organizations and individuals to leverage the latest advancements in information and communications technology. Through their collaborative efforts, DSource Inc. and VST ECS Phils Inc. have facilitated access to cutting-edge goods, services, and solutions, contributing to the ongoing progress and success of the ICT landscape.

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    DSource Inc. proudly partners with Philteq Enterprise Inc. as one of its distinguished distributors, recognizing their meticulously planned and well-organized collaboration of proficient professionals in product sourcing and distribution. Philteq stands out for its dedicated efforts in distributing and sourcing quality products tailored for the Philippine market, earning a sterling reputation for legitimacy in product sourcing and accountability in product distribution within the Philippine IT industry.

    Notably, Philteq excels in quality control, with a commitment to exceptionally high standards. They have established rigorous benchmarks for statistically significant product testing, ensuring top-tier quality. Through this strategic partnership, DSource Inc. and Philteq uphold a shared commitment to consistently delivering top-notch products that guarantee client and customer satisfaction.

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