One of our priorities is helping our clients develop their skills and knowledge. We recently organized 2 batches of a weeklong training program designed to equip participants with skills and knowledge that will help them in their day-to-day application development tasks. The topic of our weeklong programs focuses on Advance OpenROAD Training. This initiative is our commitment to empower our clients through transformative learning experiences.

The primary objective of the training initiative was to enhance the participants’ proficiency in application development using OpenROAD, providing them with practical insights, methods, and hands-on exercises. The scope of the training was a deep dive on the ins and outs, best practices, addressing challenges, and new updates about OpenROAD, ensuring that participants gained a holistic understanding of the subject matter. 

To deliver this Advance OpenROAD Training, we enlisted our expert facilitators with extensive years of experience and expertise in the field. These seasoned professionals not only provided valuable insights but also shared real-world scenarios, enriching the training sessions with practical knowledge. As previously mentioned, the training did not only focus on discussions but also on several hands-on activities wherein participants were able to apply the lessons they have learned throughout the training. Through these activities they were able to ask insightful questions in which the answers did not only benefit the participants but also the facilitators. The interactive nature of the training encouraged meaningful discussions and allowed participants to tap into the wealth of knowledge that our facilitators brought to the table.

We are confident that our training has equipped our participants with the skills and confidence in using OpenROAD for application development. As we reflect on the success of this initiative, we remain committed to delivering high-impact training programs that pave the way for continued excellence and growth.