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Broadcom Inc. – who previously acquired CA Technologies, has been a global supplier of wide range semiconductor and infrastructure software products. Prior to Broadcom acquisition, CA Technologies was ranked as one of the largest independent software corporations in the world and has been offering system and application software.

Products Offered with CA Technologies

CA Workload Automation

Supports an agile and business–centric IT environment by automating many of the labor-intensive tasks associated with workload automation and monitoring for z Systems. It facilitates quicker development from existing processes, and automates complex performance management to respond faster to changing SLA requirements.

  • Real-Time Analytics

Utilize advanced workload analytics in real-time to create an efficient and finely tuned WLA CA 7 environment with CA Workload Automation iDash.

  • Cross-Enterprise Application Support

CA Workload Automation CA 7 Edition extends automation capabilities to a wide variety of processing platforms to integrate business processing with workload management through Workload Automation Agents.

CA Application Performance Management

In an era when mobile and digital interactions reign supreme, enterprise organizations must proactively manage the applications that drive their businesses and reputations.

CA Application Performance Management (CA APM) helps global brands proactively identify and resolve issues across physical, virtual, containers, cloud and mobile applications. CA APM offers analytics-driven insights that uniquely position your organization to deliver app experiences where every transaction becomes a loyalty-building transaction, differentiate your business and allow your experts to focus only on impactful issues.

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