DSource, Inc. offers a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL application development solution for business applications on Windows, Linux, and Unix. OpenROAD is an application development tool that empowers its users to build high-performance and high-availability business applications. With transparent integration with principal DBMSs, OpenROAD also has native access to Actian X, Ingres, and Vector.

OpenROAD is being used worldwide and can be seen in virtually every sector of business, including banking, logistics, retail, and government. DSource, Inc. continues to support existing and new OpenROAD developers with educational trainings through its team of capable OpenROAD developers and innovators.

OpenROAD is a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL rapid application development (RAD) tool that lets you develop and deploy mission-critical, n-tier business applications on Windows, Linux, and Unix, connecting to databases such as Ingres, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Actian Zen, Actian X, and more via ODBC.

With OpenROAD, developers can quickly build and deploy sophisticated high-performance and high-availability business applications on a variety of platforms, accessing a broad range of data sources. As a result, you can react to business changes faster and protect your investment in existing applications.

  • Rapid and cost-effective application development
  • Quick application deployment
  • Modernize “green screen” Ingres ABF and thick-client OpenROAD applications.
  • Web and mobile application development and deployment
  • Protects existing system and database investments
  • Re-use existing and third-party components
  • Decouple business logic from presentation and database functions
  • Re-deploy applications to other platforms
  • Easily expose business logic as a web service
  • Develop centrally and deploy remotely
  • Tagged Values/Custom Extensions

  • Codeless 1-Pass Application Restyling

  • SetupFrame

  • Customizable Field and Frame Behaviors

  • Userclass and Display Generator

  • LoadnRun

  • Unicode support

  • Syntax Highlighting