Data plays a big role in every business. DSource, Inc. empowers your database management needs, whether it’s for your daily business transactions and processes or for your monthly reports and analytics, may it be on-premise, hybrid, or on the cloud. DSource, Inc. offers Actian products such as Actian X, Actian Data Platform, DataConnect, and much more.

  • Actian X
  • Actian Data Platform
  • DataConnect

A hybrid database that combines the power of the Ingres Transactional database and the Vector Analytics database. Simple, incremental addition of analytic capabilities to existing Ingres RDBMS. The x100 component of Actian X lets you store traditional Ingres tables and/or external data in x100 tables, which are processed using the x100 engine, giving you faster performance for analytical database tasks. OLTP and analytical workloads can be run together, and the SQLs and accessing you are already using with traditional Ingres tables can also be run against the x100 data.

x100 Technology
  • Vector Processing

  • Exploiting Chip Cache

  • 2nd Generation Column-Based Storage

  • Smarter Compression

  • Storage Indexes

  • Multi-core Parallelism

Cloud computing is rapidly growing and gaining popularity in the IT industry. Actian Data Platform is Actian’s offering for cloud databases. The cloud offers a wide range of benefits for many applications. It gives organizations the ability to store, access, and analyze data without being held back by legacy technologies. Seamlessly works with your analytical application to support the needs of users with a wide range of technical skills. Data analysts and experts can easily use their tool of choice to access and query data with sacrificing performance. Actian Data Platform has a flexible deployment option; it could be in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

  • Data Integration and Quality

  • Datawarehouse and Database

  • Data Analytics

Expand the value of your applications by connecting them to data and applications inside and outside your business. DataConnect provides an end-to-end solution for designing and deploying data integration with your Actian X and Ingres applications. It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for connecting to data sources and targets, creating transformations, and defining the workflow as automated integration processes. DataConnect could manage flat file imports, share data with message queues, define and deploy integrations with other applications—all without custom code.

With Actian DataConnect, you can integrate, synch, or standardize your data using application connectors to applications on premise or in the cloud, while continuing to leverage data quality in every component of your business.

  • Connects Easily

  • Multiple Integrations

  • Flexible Deployment Options

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