• Actian

    DSource Inc. has been the sole distributor of Actian Corporation (formerly known as Ingres) since 2008. Known for their passion on data, Actian offers different variety of databases. One of which is Actian X – a hybrid of Ingres Transactional Database and Vector Analytics Database for your daily applications and operational analytics. They also offer Actian Data Plataform, a cloud database that could be easily deploy across multiples clouds such as AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Additionally, they also provide DataConnect for your data integration needs, a solution that enables you to quickly build connections between data sources and applications.

    For application development, Actian offers OpenROAD, a database-centric, object-oriented, 4GL rapid application development tool that helps you develop and deploy business applications. OpenROAD connects to different databases such as Actian X, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and more via ODBC.

    Now a division of HCL Software, Actian Corporation keeps on innovating their technologies to continue empowering their partners and clients through faster data.

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  • Hikvision

    Hikvision, the leading partner of DSource Inc. in security and surveillance solutions, is at the forefront of AIoT innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance connectivity and deliver intelligence at your fingertips. With a dedicated research and development workforce, they provide comprehensive solutions across various vertical markets, ensuring a future characterized by convenience, efficiency, and security. In collaboration with Hikvision, DSource Inc. has expanded its security and surveillance solutions, offering a diversified range of options and tailored actions to meet the unique needs of every client.

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  • Infobip

    Dsource Inc. has been partnered with Infobip which stands out as a global leader in omnichannel communication platform, seamlessly connecting businesses with their customers through innovative messaging and omnichannel solutions. Their commitment to reliability, versatility, and spearhead technology enhances the ability to coordinate and intelligently put together all engagement activities across our customers’ lifecycle, solidifying Infobip as an indispensable ally of Dsource Inc. in pursuit of excellence.

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  • Netcore

    Netcore Cloud is a global Martech product company epitomizing innovation and reliability in the digital realm and was established in 1997 by Rajesh Jain. Their cuttingedge solutions and unwavering commitment to client success make them a cornerstone in collaborative journey with DSource Inc. Together, we harness the power of Netcore’s advanced technologies to drive transformative results and shape the future of “intelligent customer experience” to every consumer across all the digital touchpoints.

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  • Smartbear

    Smartbear is a leading information technology company that delivers tools for application performance monitoring. Smartbear is an American-based company that acquired several companies to add to its portfolio of IT Solutions and is ever-growing since its foundation in 2009.

    Dsource Inc. is the preferred and authorized partner of SmartBear to resell licenses, as well as advise customers on the usage and incorporation of SmartBear solutions. DSource Inc. and Smartbear has been working together for years to deliver the best testing solutions in the Philippines.

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